Definition of bakehouse in English:



  • A building or area in which bread is made.

    ‘Poorer households, with no oven of their own, used dutch ovens, or griddles, or sent their dough to public bakehouses.’
    • ‘Where Mabone had insisted that ‘half a loaf is better than none,’ Stanton, Winstone and their fellows insisted that ‘we are demanding the whole bakehouse.’’
    • ‘Noel and Melva travel a great deal, allowing them to check out the marketplace, look at eating habits worldwide and find suitable equipment for the bakehouse.’
    • ‘On hot nights the lights of the bakehouse drew all the insects of Waugoola Shire, and strolling past you could smell the dough.’
    • ‘The bakehouse was made of masonry and fieldstone, with walls two feet thick.’
    cooking area, kitchenette, kitchen-diner, galley, cookhouse, bakehouse, scullery



/ˈbākˌ(h)ous/ /ˈbeɪkˌ(h)aʊs/