Definition of baker's dozen in English:

baker's dozen

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  • A group or set of thirteen.

    ‘a baker's dozen of love songs’
    • ‘As you probably know a baker's dozen is thirteen, one more than a normal person's dozen.’
    • ‘The King's Consort, in its orchestral guise at the Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, boasted a baker's dozen of strings, along with pairs of oboes and recorders, with Robert King ducking and weaving at the harpsichord.’
    • ‘Given that she was clearly going to Sofia to buy cheap costume jewellery, obviously having purchased and draped herself in everything her village had in stock (or she had mugged a baker's dozen of chalga singers to get it all)’
    • ‘If you win by 2% you get to pass three items of your agenda, at 5% you get six, and at 10% we'll let you pass a whole baker's dozen?’
    • ‘I mean, ‘The Post’ is going to send, you know, a baker's dozen down there, and I'll bet you so is ‘The New York Times,’ and quite right.’
    • ‘Leta is now 12 whole pounds - almost a baker's dozen!’
    • ‘For 12 shirts, we make it a baker's dozen (one free shirt in addition to free shipping in the continental US).’
    • ‘If the answer is yes then you will relish this album, jammed with a baker's dozen of fast paced and freshly produced songs, the majority of which don't reach the three minute mark.’
    • ‘She left and I began selecting my baker's dozen.’
    • ‘However, the remaining baker's dozen of aspiring executives arrived anxious to reach their potential voters.’
    • ‘About a baker's dozen of large triangles compete for bowl space with a coconut-curry ragout.’
    • ‘Along the device's curvy top edge are a baker's dozen of buttons called Office Hot Keys.’
    • ‘In all, the events total a baker's dozen that will all promote discussion about the novel.’
    • ‘I don't know how many biographies of Princess Diana were jostling for space on the bookstalls within weeks of her death, but at a conservative estimate the number won't have been lower than a baker's dozen.’
    • ‘They're organic and ‘engineered to be a meal,’ with a baker's dozen of tasty-looking flavors such as lemon poppyseed, banana walnut and the particularly healthy-sounding mocha chocolate chunk.’
    • ‘Basically, we released a baker's dozen of specially engineered, highly contagious viruses into the general population.’
    • ‘Bargain hunters should not ignore this supermarket either, as every month Waitrose Direct offers at least a baker's dozen of the cut-price wines available in store, with delivery just £4.95 a drop for a case or more.’
    • ‘She hits her first three tee shots out of bounds, lips out half her par putts, and shoots 82 for her first round, then backs that up with a 75 and misses the cut by a baker's dozen.’
    • ‘He made a baker's dozen of films between 1958 and 1989.’
    • ‘I have a baker's dozen of pure silk, hand made ties, all new, some retailed at $100, I will trade for almost anything.’


Late 16th century from the former bakers' custom of adding an extra loaf to a dozen sold, this constituting the retailer's profit.