Definition of baker's yeast in English:

baker's yeast


  • A dried preparation of yeast used or suitable for use as leaven.

    ‘The third group represents proteins evolving before the separation of baker's yeast and fission yeast.’
    • ‘Unlike sourdough starters, which are inhabited by many different species of wild yeast, baker's yeast is made from a single hyperactive species that produces a uniform product in a relatively short period of time.’
    • ‘Although fission yeast appears to express an actinin (or at least an actinin - like protein) baker's yeast does not.’
    • ‘Each vial contained 8 ml of food (1% agar, 0.1% propionic acid, 10% brewers yeast, and 10% glucose) seeded with a few grains of live baker's yeast.’
    • ‘A maximum-likelihood method is developed to estimate the duration of concerted evolution and the time to the whole-genome duplication event in baker's yeast.’
    • ‘Humans have some 30,000 protein coding genes, compared with 6,000 in baker's yeast, 13,000 in the fruit fly, 18,000 in a worm and 26,000 in a plant.’
    • ‘For example, the genome of baker's yeast, Saccaromyces cervisiae, contains 34 Krüppel-related zinc finger genes, whereas the human genome contains 564 such genes.’
    • ‘In lower eukaryotes such as baker's yeast, recombinational repair is the major pathway for DSB repair, while in higher eukaryotes, such as mammals, NHEJ is the major pathway.’
    • ‘There are currently four trials in progress examining the effect of selenomethionine or high-selenium baker's yeast on specific populations of prostate cancer patients.’
    • ‘The Alpha Project will focus exclusively on the pheromone signal pathway in baker's yeast, whose cells' signal-transduction system is quite similar to ours.’
    • ‘However, he switched from Arabidopsis to Saccharomyces cerevisiae - baker's yeast, an easier system to study.’
    • ‘In contrast, the two nitrogen-rich media are also known as nonsporulating media for both the baker's yeast and C. neoformans.’
    • ‘Don't get the vaccine if you're allergic to baker's yeast.’
    • ‘In the baker's yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a derivative of strain S288c was sequenced.’
    • ‘All flies were reared on standard cornmeal molasses medium supplemented with baker's yeast.’
    • ‘Scientists have discovered an ingredient in red wine that extends the lifespan of baker's yeast by up to 80 per cent.’
    • ‘They hypothesised that what was killing baker's yeast was actually a substance in the yeast.’
    • ‘My postdoctoral advisor was primarily responsible for the laboratory domestication of the baker's yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which thanks to his efforts is now a favorite organism of geneticists around the world.’
    • ‘But media proclamations that we are not much more complicated than baker's yeast are very misleading, as is the superficial equation that we are only twice as complicated as a fruit fly.’
    • ‘Curing was done using D. subobscura as a host on a live baker's yeast patch on agar.’