Definition of bakeshop in English:



North American
  • A place where bread and cakes are made or sold; a bakery.

    ‘The bees used to fill the display case at the little bakeshop between home and work.’
    • ‘Mason looked in awe at the sights and the smells of the bakeshops, which were the greatest in the world.’
    • ‘She passes a small bakeshop, and hungers over only a small roll to eat, but cannot bear to bring herself to the level of begging for food from the woman inside; she is too humiliated.’
    • ‘We ran down the alley, past a bakeshop and came upon an old abandoned house.’
    • ‘The bakeshop classes taught by the chef were a standout.’
    • ‘The outcome of the joint project was a class that would be split daily between working in the galley and bakeshop, with the two groups swapping out after one week.’
    • ‘Seventh Heaven bakeshop in Soi Seven is doing a roaring trade in English style breakfasts and light meals.’
    • ‘Coppedge more or less loped through the bakeshop from one dough to the next.’
    • ‘Because of that, both of his July dinners at the bakeshop are full.’
    • ‘It is undeniably true that a good chef must be well versed in all areas of the kitchen, including the bakeshop.’
    • ‘One bakeshop will have its own "secret" formulas for breads.’
    • ‘Dominique liked the bakeshop better than the slave kitchen they had lived in first.’
    • ‘You see, Jeff, I figure the government's a lot like me in a bakeshop.’
    • ‘She then opened a small bakeshop in Mandaue.’
    • ‘You'll see flowers and a sign on the sidewalk at the bakeshop entrance.’



/ˈbākSHäp/ /ˈbeɪkʃɑp/