Definition of baking sheet in English:

baking sheet

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(also British baking tray)
  • A metal tray on which food may be cooked in an oven.

    ‘lay the peppers on a baking sheet and roast for 30 minutes’
    • ‘Spread out the coconut mixture on a large baking sheet.’
    • ‘Quickly pour the mixture over the nuts on the baking sheet.’
    • ‘They are made by baking uneven lumps of dryish dough on baking sheets.’
    • ‘Eliminate the need to grease your baking sheets and wash them later by lining them with parchment paper.’
    • ‘Water was added until a paste consistency was obtained, and the compound was flattened onto baking sheets, cut into squares and allowed to dry at room temperature for several days.’
    • ‘Arrange the vegetables on a baking tray with the pepper skins uppermost.’
    • ‘Make sure you're fully stocked for your holiday bake-off - cookie cutters, baking trays, flour, cooling racks and rolling pins.’
    • ‘Everything is served in ordinary baking trays and glass bowls, straight from the oven.’
    • ‘I sometimes make what I call wallpaper potatoes, because the overlapping paper-thin slices of potato stick together into a golden dappled sheet when roasted on a baking tray.’
    • ‘Because you need to use one baking tray for each serving, there isn't room in the oven to make this for more than two, or perhaps three, people.’