Definition of baklava in English:



mass noun
  • A dessert originating in the Middle East made of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and soaked in honey.

    • ‘A favorite dessert is baklava (flaky pastry dough with nuts soaked in sweet syrup).’
    • ‘If this is so, baklava actually pre-dated filo, and the paper-thin pastry we know today was probably an innovation of the Ottoman sultan's kitchens at Topkapi palace in Istanbul.’
    • ‘Typical desserts include placinte, a kind of pie, and baclava, a pastry made of nuts and honey.’
    • ‘The almond and manuka honey baklava with passion fruit sorbet and yoghurt would not normally be my favourite, being too sweet for my sour nature.’
    • ‘The traditional Arab dessert is baklava, which is an exquisite pastry with layers of phyllo dough covered with nuts and honey.’
    • ‘My son became addicted in the hotel to sumptuous baklava of flaky pastry, honey and nuts.’
    • ‘Desserts include such sweet pastries as baklava, which is made with honey and chopped nuts, as well as fresh and dried fruits.’
    • ‘Norik Shahbazian, a partner in Panos Pastries, shows off a tray of several varieties of baklava and tasty Armenian desserts.’
    • ‘The only thing approximating to a real dessert was baklava, a particularly mean and thankless example of its kind being dry, almost syrup and nut-free.’
    • ‘The brief dessert menu offers ice cream and pancake as well as baklava and kadaif.’
    • ‘As with many recipes, there is no one way to make baklava… aside from phyllo dough with a nut mixture in between layers, covered in a sweetening agent of some sort.’
    • ‘Traditional Greek foods are favorites of Greek Cypriots, such as baklava, made from phyllo pastry, nuts, honey and syrup.’
    • ‘He also has a deft touch with desserts: The baklava and kadayif are subtle, less sweet and honey-drenched than most.’
    • ‘They included baklava, rice pudding with grilled quince and mixed berry tiramisu.’
    • ‘There are Mom and Pop shops for fish markets, bakeries with baklava and cannolis, produce stands and specialty Greek markets filled with olives, feta cheese and pita bread.’
    • ‘A favorite kind of sweet is layers of a thin pastry called filo, filled with nuts or creams, similar to baklava.’
    • ‘Prior to last year's lamb roast, I'd never been a great admirer of baklava - so often dry, sticky, cloyingly sweet - but the Knight family's rendition is another thing entirely.’
    • ‘Dinners got longer, and we would take a break if necessary to make room for delectable baklava, thick with pistachios (or sometimes unorthodox peanuts) and honey.’
    • ‘I'd love to report on the puddings - sickly-sweet baklava is a favourite of mine - but I was simply too full to even contemplate another course.’
    • ‘I was too full for dessert, but you should do a better job of planning and not skip the homemade baklava or rice pudding.’





/ˈbakləvə/ /bəˈklɑːvə/