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balance of payments

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  • The difference in total value between payments into and out of a country over a period.

    as modifier ‘a balance-of-payments deficit’
    • ‘The balance of payments only records the value of given goods bought and sold by an individual or a group of individuals.’
    • ‘The result was a deficit in the so-called balance of payments, which was paid for by foreigners cashing in those dollars for gold.’
    • ‘The idea of calculating the so-called national balance of payments in a free market economy will be absurd.’
    • ‘Further, growth in total exports will outweigh growth in total imports leading to an improvement in the balance of payments.’
    • ‘One is the position of the Commonwealth budget and the other is the balance of payments current account deficit.’
    • ‘The Fund was there to provide bridge financing whilst the country concerned got its balance of payments in order.’
    • ‘It's also worried about balance of payments deficits, particularly in the United States.’
    • ‘This in turn will give rise to a better balance of payments and in turn to stronger economic growth.’
    • ‘One thing that's very important now for Brazil is to improve its balance of payments.’
    • ‘Trading arrangements had been disrupted with serious consequences to the balance of payments.’


balance of payments

/ˌbaləns əv ˈpāmənts/ /ˌbæləns əv ˈpeɪmənts/