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North American
  • Shameless and undisguised; barefaced.

    ‘a bald-faced lie’
    • ‘They told bald-faced lies or provided to Western intelligence defectors who told bald-faced lies.’
    • ‘But that pack of bald-faced lies and brazen Orwellisms was a mere amateur's work compared to the Memorial Day speech.’
    • ‘Six months later, he published a bald-faced lie in the Times, misrepresenting what he had reported to the agency.’
    • ‘You're right, they've been subjected to bald-faced lies told by Scott.’
    • ‘So I have, at the very least, one example of the President telling a bald-faced, absurd lie.’
    • ‘Sure, we can scream at the screen because of the obvious ‘falseness’ of what we hear, but that's more likely to be a differing interpretation than a bald-faced lie.’
    • ‘They went to the Germans and he said ‘We're lying to you, bald-faced.’’
    • ‘‘I'd be telling you a bald-faced lie if I said losing Antonio and Fred is not going to make a big difference,’ safety Ryan Clark said.’
    • ‘So he began his essay with a bald-faced lie.’
    • ‘Does repeating a bald-faced lie enough times make it true?’
    • ‘His recent opinion piece was not only full of bald-faced lies about the registry, it was also insulting to our intelligence.’
    • ‘The scope of the distortion is breathtaking: it goes beyond exaggeration, and strays into the realm of the bald-faced lie.’
    • ‘I literally had to suppress a snort of derision at such a bald-faced lie.’
    • ‘That was such a bald-faced lie that it didn't even make her think twice.’
    • ‘Then I asked him if he felt any shame in facing his audiences and telling them bald-faced lies.’
    • ‘That's what bothers me as much as anything, that the school told us a bald-faced lie.’
    • ‘That was such a bald-faced lie, Joan was surprised Noor didn't swing immediately around, screaming, ‘A-ha!’’
    • ‘This press release was immediately exposed as a bald-faced lie.’
    • ‘Their claim that they don't air any advocacy ads is a bald-faced lie.’
    • ‘I lost track trying to count the sheer bald-faced, brazen, well-swilled out-and-out lies being palmed off as fact or being suggested for our consumption as reasonable readings of the text.’