Definition of bald eagle in English:

bald eagle

Pronunciation /bôld ˈēɡəl/ /bɔld ˈiɡəl/


  • A white-headed North American eagle that includes fish among its prey. Now most common in Alaska, it is the national emblem of the US.

    Haliaetus leucocephalus, family Accipitridae

    • ‘Some of the most common birds of prey here, the bald eagle, peregrine falcon, and osprey, are fish-eaters, though the hawk owl is not.’
    • ‘The presence of bald eagles likely prevented golden eagles from establishing themselves.’
    • ‘The area is home to a variety of other birds, including nesting bald eagles, hawks, owls, bluebirds and several other songbirds, wild turkeys, herons, and waterfowl.’
    • ‘Good fishing for sportsmen and women also means good fortune for those who must feed their families almost entirely by fishing - loons, ospreys, bald eagles and cormorants.’
    • ‘Just months after Edwards Dam was removed, birds such as ospreys, bald eagles, and kingfishers returned.’
    • ‘Predators of barracuda include such birds as bald eagles and terns.’
    • ‘Disturbance can also cause nest abandonment in shy species, including bald eagles and white-tailed sea-eagles.’
    • ‘This creek, popular with fishermen, also is a good spot to sight ospreys and bald eagles.’
    • ‘One of the protected species is the bald eagle, our national bird.’
    • ‘If your karma is good and you're having a good day, you may also see bald eagles, northern mockingbirds, scarlet tanagers and indigo buntings.’
    • ‘Three of the nation's endangered species are here: the bald eagle, the Delmarva fox squirrel, and the peregrine falcon.’
    • ‘What were a bald eagle, an owl, a vulture, a falcon and a northern gosshawk doing at the British Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting in Leicester?’
    • ‘If we don't take care of the Chesapeake so that fish populations are healthy, the bald eagles won't be healthy, either.’
    • ‘Ospreys and bald eagles could lose habitat as well.’
    • ‘Wildlife viewing is best on the morning run, when passengers often see bald eagles, osprey, deer, and otters.’
    • ‘How many boats going at high speeds are noticing the osprey, bald eagles and alligators?’
    • ‘Other birds include a huge American bald eagle called Liberty, buzzards, Harris hawks, vultures, laughing kookaburras and a pelican.’
    • ‘In 1987 a raptor biologist working on Lake Umbagog observed a bald eagle with a yellow tag in its wing.’
    • ‘Other ESA-listed birds that occur off northern Washington are the bald eagle, brown pelican, and snowy plover.’
    • ‘Early morning is a great time to observe wildlife, and very soon we saw moose, bald eagles, red foxes, and ptarmigan.’


bald eagle

/bôld ˈēɡəl/ /bɔld ˈiɡəl/