Definition of baldly in English:


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  • Without any extra detail or explanation; plainly; bluntly.

    ‘'I really needed the cash,' she says baldly’
    • ‘it seems enough to state the facts baldly’
    • ‘Today, few colleges baldly award honorary degrees to benefactors.’
    • ‘Three or four shops openly sell endangered-species pelts, one place baldly calling itself the Snow Leopard Shop.’
    • ‘I cannot think of any politician today who would give bad news so baldly.’
    • ‘The moment of her death was the most baldly sentimental moment in the narrative.’
    • ‘Stated baldly, the proposition makes no sense.’
    • ‘I went so far as to admit this fact baldly in a recent declaration which was commented upon most strangely.’
    • ‘Of course, if you put it as baldly as that, people will just laugh and ignore you.’
    • ‘His actions are so baldly out of character that it was funny.’
    • ‘Her motives seem baldly obvious.’
    • ‘He baldly stated that history was about politics and the state, and nothing else.’



/ˈbôldlē/ /ˈbɔldli/