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  • 1The condition of having a scalp wholly or partly lacking hair.

    ‘we cannot cure baldness, nor restore hair to denuded scalps’
    • ‘baldness ran in his family’
    • ‘In Asian countries where vegetables are primary in the diet, pattern baldness is rarely seen.’
    • ‘The foreman mentioned his advancing baldness.’
    • ‘His long flowing hair has given way to baldness.’
    • ‘I have the recessive gene for baldness on my X chromosome.’
    • ‘She decided to shave her hair to complete baldness.’
    • ‘I came here looking for a natural cure for baldness.’
    • ‘Hippocrates sought relief from his baldness by rubbing pigeon dung all over his head.’
    • ‘Perhaps baldness has its privileges, or maybe I just selected the wrong vocation.’
    • ‘It runs in his father's side of the family, along with premature baldness.’
    • ‘We keep hearing about chemotherapy and baldness and nausea.’
  • 2Speech without any extra detail or explanation; plainness; bluntness.

    ‘the baldness of his comments on this subject’
    • ‘Just note the force of what he'd written, the sheer baldness of the analysis.’
    • ‘He said this matter-of-factly, before chuckling at the baldness of the comment.’
    • ‘She let the baldness of her statement stand for itself.’
    • ‘The neutral countries complain bitterly at the extraordinary baldness of our news service.’
    • ‘The firing of eight attorneys stands out for the baldness of its political motives.’
    • ‘The prevailing baldness of Polybius's style excludes him from the first rank among classical writers.’
    • ‘Direct speech acts, or baldness of speech, would be a simple matter for other cultures to translate’
    • ‘He finds a poetry in seemingly the most unpoetic of actions by the sheer baldness of his writing.’
    • ‘The sublimity is lost in renderings as clumsy in verbal baldness as a schoolboy's crib.’
    • ‘The brevity and baldness of the message filled me with vague concern.’



/ˈbôl(d)nəs/ /ˈbɔl(d)nəs/ /ˈbäl(d)nəs/ /ˈbɑl(d)nəs/