Definition of ball-breaker in English:



(also ball-buster)
  • 1 informal A tough disciplinarian or taskmaster.

    • ‘to be one of the world's best chefs, you have to be a ball-breaker’
    1. 1.1A dominating or threatening woman who destroys a man's self-confidence.
      ‘But the new face of business is plainly better than the old school: the women are assured without being ball-busters, the men are impatient with Felix's bigotry.’
      • ‘She was much taller than me, and all the guys described her as an Amazon, which in their circles meant that she was a ball-buster.’
      • ‘I know you're married to a ball-buster who earns seven figures and that you lost your job three years ago, right around the time you started losing your hair.’
      • ‘Curse them, because now I cannot watch the show without thinking about the woman's infamous reputation as an abusive, belligerent ball-buster.’
      • ‘She wants to keep acting interesting by doing different things, explaining: ‘There's only so many ball-breakers and murderesses I can play, it's about trying to mix it up.’’
      • ‘This Old Port supper club has become somewhat of a go-to place for Montreal's high-rolling deal-makers and ball-breakers.’
      • ‘Her theory is that shoes stand in for the girly, feminine part of women that is being repressed as women are forced to act as ball-breakers.’
    2. 1.2A demanding and punishing task or situation.
      • ‘the early stretch of the race is the ball-breaker’



/ˈbôlˌbrākər/ /ˈbɔlˌbreɪkər/ /ˈbälˌbrākər/ /ˈbɑlˌbreɪkər/