Definition of ball-peen hammer in English:

ball-peen hammer


  • A hammer with a rounded end opposite the face.

    ‘Granddad had made no compromises for these amateurs - if you didn't know your claw hammer from your ball-peen hammer, you'd be better off elsewhere.’
    • ‘Use a ball-peen hammer or a block of wood and a nail hammer to knock the tool head out of the ferule on the handle.’
    • ‘He thrust the ball-peen hammer right into her - and it went nowhere.’
    • ‘Within five minutes of being ‘enriched, ‘we find ourselves reaching either for the off-switch or a ball-peen hammer.’’
    • ‘The combination of solid performance and the nice price will appeal to gamers looking for DX9 performance without having to take a ball-peen hammer to ye olde piggy bank.’
    • ‘He also was the owner of the chair in my old apartment that I decided to disassemble with a ball-peen hammer.’
    • ‘The Zoobombs may float like butterflies with their funky basslines, but Guitar Wolf are just plain mean, and they'll sting like a ball-peen hammer.’