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ball boy

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  • A boy who retrieves balls that go out of play during a game such as tennis or baseball, and who supplies players or umpires with new balls.

    ‘Unfortunately, I tested the ballboys more than the goalkeeper.’
    • ‘In fact, all four Barry sons served as Golden State Warriors ballboys.’
    • ‘The team provided by the Beacon School as ballboys and girls at Wimbledon tennis tournament is excellent.’
    • ‘He's playing in an end-of-camp touch football game with Vikings interns and ballboys last summer and tears up his ankle but doesn't have surgery until winter.’
    • ‘Michael was one of the ballboys at the men's basketball games.’
    • ‘Wimbledon is fast approaching and with it the unbridled hilarity of pigeons landing on the court, ballboys tripping over and the ball getting stuck in the net.’
    • ‘I only went to tell the referee that Effenberg had hit the ballboy.’
    • ‘But soon the fullback might rank slightly above the ballboy in terms of value to its team.’
    • ‘‘Things are fast, no question,’ he acknowledges, but only after giving credit to everyone but the Steelers' ballboys.’
    • ‘Foul balls scream down the third-base line, threatening mayhem to coaches, ballboys and spectators.’
    • ‘I don't care if it is the owner or the ballboy, it doesn't matter to him.’
    • ‘I'd go down there right now and I'd be the ballboy.’
    • ‘But as I learned as a ballboy and growing up around football when the head coach is making fun of a guy a lot, it usually means he really likes him.’
    • ‘My family were Everton fans and I used to be a ballboy at Goodison when I was 12.’
    • ‘I understand that he has an offer to be a ballboy at Wimbledon, but I do not think he is quick enough on his feet to take up that one.’
    • ‘If you see no signals, and the server wasn't huddling with the ballboy, then they are probably using the same ball.’
    • ‘At the same time, the ballboys had to wipe the sweat from the baseline on Mirnyi's side of the court as his tormentor worked him into a lather.’
    • ‘He was indeed caught - but by the ballboy two yards behind the boundary.’
    • ‘He worked for the team as a training camp ballboy in his youth and later was press box manager for their games at Three Rivers Stadium.’
    • ‘I was even a mascot once and ballboy twice, in the late 1980s.’