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ball girl

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  • A girl who retrieves balls that go out of play during a game such as tennis or baseball, and who supplies players or umpires with new balls.

    ‘The 12-year-old schoolgirls will be running out onto the pitch at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff as ballgirls for the FA Cup final between the Reds and Millwall.’
    • ‘One after another bulleted serves rained in, one of which took out a ballgirl, leaving her with a bruise as a souvenir and Rusedski's match shirt as an apology.’
    • ‘But this was the playoffs, and her reign as ballgirl was ending after this pressure-packed evening.’
    • ‘To say the least, the ballgirls were memorable, and the prize giveaways to fans were… unusual.’
    • ‘Then I realized that she was the ballgirl for the Sox and that I knew her from being on the field.’
    • ‘I was a ballgirl for a professional men's tennis tournament for a couple of summers in junior high.’
    • ‘I think he was intentionally banging the ball into the net to get the pretty ballgirl to run out.’
    • ‘Kristine O'Hara, in her third year as a ballgirl, finds herself in a completely new role.’
    • ‘As usual all the ballgirls plus their coach will get free admission into any game that they are working.’
    • ‘Felipe was one of four kids from the program chosen to be ballboys and ballgirls for the Davis Cup.’
    • ‘When pitchers get taken out of the game, they walk right past the ballgirls and do their sprints on the warning track as the game is being played.’
    • ‘Perhaps it would be called a balk today because the ballgirls were conspirators.’
    • ‘The USTA has try-outs this June to become a ballboy or ballgirl at the US Open.’
    • ‘The elements bow to no man or woman, as ballgirls preparing for one of the UK's most prestigious tennis championships found to their cost.’
    • ‘They hand out awards to members of the impressive squad of Altrincham ballgirls and boys.’
    • ‘With Neil's question of what I would do as owner of the Cubs, I realized I had forgotten one vital thing: I would bring back the ballgirl to Wrigley Field!’
    • ‘Out of these talks grew a program in which members of the CC women's basketball team tutor and serve as mentors to fifth-graders who, in turn, act as ballgirls during the CC women's basketball games.’
    • ‘Mary Ann, a fourth-grader at Our Lady Fatima, is the Panthers’ ballgirl and hopes to play basketball there one day.’
    • ‘The Phillies are looking to hire a staff of twelve ballgirls who can represent the organization in media situations as well as perform duties on the field.’
    • ‘And I was the official ballgirl (if there is such a term).’