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  • A valve that automatically fills a tank after liquid has been drawn from it. Used, for example, in a flush toilet, a ballcock has a float on the end of a pivoting arm that opens the valve when the arm drops.

    ‘I can't even remember if the problem to do with the header tank and the problem to do with the ballcock stop valve were connected, physically or metaphorically.’
    • ‘Two other reasons for flushing problems could be that the flush valve or the ballcock need to be replaced.’
    • ‘From these, the water was piped to a ballcock regulated cistern, and from there to a small pond constructed of cement and limestone rocks to blend in with the surroundings.’
    • ‘The device that caused the scare was later said to have been a ballcock from a bathroom cistern, packed with fireworks.’
    • ‘Finally, as the evening cooled, Graham took himself up to the loft to replace the worn-out ballcock float and valve that's been giving us a problem for some time.’
    • ‘Place the new ballcock through the hole in the tank.’
    • ‘A poke here, a jab there and suddenly the bizarre piece of plastic that had wedged the ballcock in the upright position causing the cistern to not refill fell away and it filled up.’
    • ‘He obtained a ballcock of a WC, welded it to a spike, and persuaded the Dockyard to cover it with gold leaf - an expensive procedure!’
    • ‘‘I remember being on the top of a ladder trying to hang up giant holly berries made out of - would you believe - lavatory ballcocks,’ he chuckles.’
    • ‘However, this Capone turned out to be nothing more sinister than a plumber, more used to fitting ballcocks than firing a Tommy gun.’
    • ‘If a replacement ballcock has been installed, make sure that the water level in the tank is no less than 1/2 inch below the top of the overflow tube on the flush valve.’
    • ‘It reminded me more of Claes Oldenurg's 1967 proposal for a monumental ballcock in the Thames.’
    • ‘They went to a house in Longship Way, Maldon, and told the owner they were there to fix the ballcock in the loft.’



/ˈbôlˌkäk/ /ˈbɔlˌkɑk/