Definition of ballerina in English:



  • 1A female ballet dancer.

    • ‘Ballet dancers, little ballerinas, women in intimate situations and horse races are the subjects that are immediately associated with him.’
    • ‘I feel very proud of being a ballerina of this great ballet company.’
    • ‘I began watching the company in the fifties, when a quintet of highly individual ballerinas reigned over the female roster.’
    • ‘I don't think ballerinas put on pointe shoes for either purpose.’
    • ‘The ballet slipper is a danseur's best friend but, in the hearts of ballerinas, it's been overshadowed by the pointe shoe.’
    • ‘Showcasing its roster of brilliant ballerinas, the Kirov offers sparkling versions of Petipa and Balanchine.’
    • ‘I think that it is a great tragedy with ballet companies if they don't have great senior ballerinas at the head of the company - ballerinas in their forties.’
    • ‘The ballet is led by four ballerinas who each have at least one pas de deux.’
    • ‘I strive every day to be not just a good ballerina, but a great ballerina regardless of my race.’
    • ‘The invitation of five internationally prominent male ballet stars showed that the Kirov's ballerinas were equal to the skills of their partners.’
    • ‘This is so far the only production directed by the glamorous French ballet star who is among the world's most famous ballerinas at present.’
    • ‘There are a number of roles within the classical ballet that represent the epitome of a ballerina's artistry.’
    • ‘Born in Britain in 1919, Fonteyn was considered one of the most talented ballerinas of the twentieth century.’
    • ‘Swanilda is a soubrette role, but it requires a dancer with the authority of a ballerina.’
    • ‘She completed the difficult series of fouettes in the coda of the Black Swan pas de deux which even more senior ballerinas sometimes cannot manage as well.’
    • ‘He isn't encouraging his daughters to be ballerinas.’
    • ‘And how many ballerinas have dressing tables in the wings?’
    • ‘The following season, as a first soloist, she again saved the day when she took over the principal roles of Clara and Juliet for two more injured ballerinas.’
    • ‘His partners included almost all of the ballerinas who rose to fame between 1936 and 1962, when he retired from the stage.’
    • ‘No matter how vigorous the steps, the old-style ballerinas radiated a glittering authority, decorum, and elegance.’
  • 2usually as modifier A ballet shoe.

    ‘wear ballerina pumps with a pretty day dress for a perfect spring/summer look’
    ‘New Yorkers walk a lot, so ballerinas make sense’
    • ‘This pair of glitter ballerina pumps are great if you like to walk comfortably and brighten up a daytime outfit.’
    • ‘The career girl's court shoe is all very well but where were Ravel's versions of the casual suede boot or the casual ballerina look last autumn?’
    • ‘Whether ballerinas appear at the top or bottom of any in/out barometer, they are by now a classic.’
    • ‘That's how he sent me to school, with silk Chanel ballerina flats and a Fendi jacket over my Jordache jeans.’
    • ‘While more lavish praise tends to be heaped on heels, fans of flat shoes get just as excited about a delicate ballerina or a light-as-Astaire jazz shoe.’
    • ‘We wore ballerina shoes and full black taffeta skirts, and short coats of such colours as robin's egg blue, cerise red, lime green.’
    • ‘Bright shoes are only chic with a dressy evening ensemble, or in the form of ballerina slippers to be worn with country cottons, after-ski skirts, and trousers.’
    • ‘She shows me weekend bags, handbags and clutches, beach towels and sandals and ballerina flats.’
    • ‘I need a pair of black size 5 adult ballerina flats.’


Late 18th century from Italian, feminine of ballerino ‘dancing master’, from ballare ‘to dance’, from late Latin.