Definition of Ballesteros, Severiano in English:

Ballesteros, Severiano

proper noun

  • (1957–2011), Spanish golfer; full name Severiano Ballesteros Sota ; known as Seve Ballesteros. In 1979, he became the youngest player in the 20th century to win the British Open, and he won it again in 1984 and 1988. In 1980, he was the youngest-ever and the second European to win the US Masters; he won it again in 1983. He holds the record for most European Tour wins (50).


Ballesteros, Severiano

/ˌbīyəˈstārōs/ /ˌbäləˈste(ə)rōs/ /ˌbæləˈstɛroʊs/