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informal North American
  • A skilled ball player, in particular a football or basketball player adept at stealing or intercepting the ball or an outfielder in baseball skilled at catching fly balls.

    • ‘He such an instinctive player, a ballhawk in that sense.’
    • ‘Both are ballhawks that study more film than most other defensive players.’
    • ‘Now Green is a ballhawk who ranks among the better strong safeties as a pass defender.’
    • ‘Edwards always has been a leader and a ballhawk, and he can play inside or outside.’
    • ‘But those game-breakers complement a first-rate defense in Tampa, a rapidly developing one in Atlanta, and some ballhawks in New Orleans.’
    • ‘The Vikings, takeaway-happy ballhawks a year ago, still don't have an interception and have to get after QB David Carr in order to win.’
    • ‘He is just 27 years old and is known for being a ballhawk.’
    • ‘As evidenced by his seven interceptions this season, he's a ballhawk who has a knack for popping up in unexpected places.’
    • ‘Not only was he a ballhawk and a game-breaker, but he emerged as the leader of a Baltimore defense that was rich in talent.’
    • ‘He is a ballhawk if there ever was one, but it remains to be seen whether he can repeat this kind of performance.’
    • ‘He also must be more of a ballhawk on plays downfield, although those opportunities may be limited.’
    • ‘Smith, a ballhawk, will play in center field, and the team hopes to get more interceptions and pass breakups.’
    • ‘Free safety is open, but Scott is not a ballhawk and not a good fit there.’
    • ‘He has speed and instincts to be a ballhawk, and has picked off almost a pass a day.’
    • ‘The most intriguing matchup will take place at the point, where both squads start pass-first freshmen who are great defensive ballhawks.’
    • ‘But he won a starting job late in preseason and has been a hard-hitting ballhawk (four interceptions).’
    • ‘Cota was a noted ballhawk during his first four years in the league with the Panthers and Saints, collecting 11 interceptions.’
    • ‘He is a top-flight shooter, a good help defender, an ideal fast-break companion to Marbury and an underrated ballhawk.’
    • ‘What they do have is a group of aggressive ballhawks who anticipate well.’
    • ‘He has always been a good ballhawk and rebounder for his size.’



/ˈbôlˌ(h)ôk/ /ˈbɔlˌ(h)ɔk/ /ˈbälˌ(h)äk/ /ˈbɑlˌ(h)ɑk/