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ballistic missile

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  • A missile with a high, arching trajectory, which is initially powered and guided but falls under gravity on to its target.

    Compare with guided

    ‘These include cruise missiles and ballistic missiles of longer ranges and greater accuracy.’
    • ‘The Nazis also of course used cruise missiles and ballistic missiles long before anyone else.’
    • ‘The basic idea is to combine OTH radar with ballistic missiles to target ships.’
    • ‘The Thaad missile, designed to intercept medium-range ballistic missiles, missed its target in six consecutive test shots.’
    • ‘A seaborne missile defense system to counter enemy ballistic missiles is being deployed on the Pacific theater.’
    • ‘A ballistic missile is accelerated by rocket propulsion and guided by internal controls, though once its fuel is spent it then coasts to its target.’
    • ‘For the ballistic missile proved it could do the same job as the cruise missile, and do it better.’
    • ‘The Arrow was designed to intercept short range ballistic missiles, although it can be upgraded to handle longer range missiles.’
    • ‘He supported research into cruise and ballistic missiles, precision weapons, jet engines, and rockets.’
    • ‘Suborbital paths are the trajectories of choice for ballistic missiles.’
    • ‘Chinese defense commentators openly assert that their ballistic missile force is already targeted on Japan because of this potential.’
    • ‘One could argue that such a missile defence system would bring about the abandonment of ballistic missiles as strategic weapons.’
    • ‘More than that, such regimes seek to purchase ballistic missiles and other vehicles to deliver MDW to certain regions.’
    • ‘Who cares about outdated computers, small generators, or 1960s ballistic missiles?’
    • ‘Ten percent of the facilities is within the range of non-strategic ballistic missiles.’
    • ‘A system capable of reliably stopping a ballistic missile is likely to be that much more capable against conventional aircraft.’
    • ‘The silo used to carry one of the last models of intercontinental ballistic missiles the Soviet Union ever made.’
    • ‘So both nations initiated design projects to mount their ballistic missiles on merchant vessels or on warships.’
    • ‘Missiles screamed in from the ballistic missile launchers and slammed into the ground, blasting huge craters.’
    • ‘An intercontinental ballistic missile has a range of more than 5,500 km.’


ballistic missile

/bəˈlistik ˈmisəl/ /bəˈlɪstɪk ˈmɪsəl/