Definition of ballistocardiograph in English:



  • An instrument for recording the movements of the body caused by ejection of blood from the heart at each beat.

    ‘These can be used to produce a ballistocardiograph by suitable differentiation and/or integration.’
    • ‘The heart measurement of a chicken embryo takes place by means of a ballistocardiograph as regards technology.’
    • ‘This is caused by the compliance between subject and ballistocardiograph as well as by that between the latter and the surroundings.’
    • ‘A ballistocardiograph is a device, including a supporting structure on which the patient is placed, that moves in response to blood ejection from the heart.’
    • ‘A ballistocardiograph chair, designed to look like a normal office chair, was built and fitted with pressure sensitive EMFi-films.’



/bəˌlistōˈkärdēōˌɡraf/ /bəˌlɪstoʊˈkɑrdioʊˌɡræf/ /bəˌlistəˈkärdēəˌɡraf/ /bəˌlɪstəˈkɑrdiəˌɡræf/