Definition of ballonet in English:



(also ballonnet)
  • A separate gas- or air-filled compartment within the main envelope of a balloon or airship, designed for the maintenance or adjustment of the envelope's shape, buoyancy, or orientation.

    ‘The helicopter is fitted with ballonet flotation devices for emergency landing on water.’
    • ‘As a rule, such airships have a soft structure of a ballonet and consequently a considerable drag.’
    • ‘This triggers an automatic mechanism that pumps air into the ballonet compartment to compensate.’
    • ‘The envelope is a helium gas cell, with an air ballonet which is pressurized by a ballonet fan.’
    • ‘The altitude at which all air has been removed from the ballonet is referred to as the pressure altitude.’
    • ‘Prior art methods of pressurizing and filling the ballonets typically involved the use of ram air scoops.’
    • ‘Besides, it is possible to go to the fore and aft set of the ballonets and into the gas volume.’
    • ‘As a rigid airship, it had no need of ballonets, which are used only in pressure airships, or blimps.’
    • ‘The pressure inside the ballonet acts on the helium inside the envelope to maintain the shape.’
    • ‘Unless perfectly synchronized, dual ballonets tend to tip the craft toward the tail or nose.’
    • ‘The pilot controls the ballonet, so there is no need to ‘valve off’ the expensive helium gas.’
    • ‘Therefore ballonets are needed for semi-rigid airships to keep the envelope pressure constant.’
    • ‘That latitude is provided in the form of collapsible air bags, called ballonets, inside the helium envelope.’
    • ‘The pressure of the helium in the envelope is adjusted by changing the amount of air in the ballonets.’
    • ‘The ballonet is an airtight bag which allows the density of the blimp to be adjusted by adding or releasing air.’
    • ‘The initial design of the ballonet size will determine an individual airship's maximum change of altitude capability.’
    • ‘When the ballonets are filled with air, the dense air contained within different balloons but the same envelope as the helium has an effect on the buoyancy.’
    • ‘The two air chambers inside the envelope called ballonets can be expanded and contracted to add or subtract weight from the nose or the tail, trimming the airship.’
    • ‘Air is pumped in to or out of these ballonets to adjust the helium pressure.’
    • ‘Air is squeezed out of the ballonets as the gas expands with increasing altitude and forced back in again as the helium contracts when the airship descends.’



/ˈbaləˌnet/ /ˈbæləˌnɛt/ /ˌbaləˈnet/ /ˌbæləˈnɛt/