Definition of balloon tire in English:

balloon tire


  • A large tire containing air at low pressure.

    ‘Small balloon tires were wrapped in aluminum spats and the tires were the sole shock absorbers.’
    • ‘Extrapolating the ‘wider and softer is better ‘logic, we should be seeing Lance in the Tour riding balloon tires pumped up to 20 psi.’
    • ‘It meant General Assignment Slot, but I always thought of a Gas Lot, some black-and-white corner station from a 20s Disney cartoon with vacuum pumps and Model Ts with patched balloon tires.’
    • ‘Out of the junk arose something that looked a little like a motorized lawnmower with a nose job: a tiny cabin sat on wide balloon tires, with a sort of snout.’
    • ‘In fact, several of the racers, King included, noted that Pennington's balloon tires gave both a smoother ride and a better handling performance in the snow.’
    • ‘We fitted the trucks with air wheels - balloon tires, we would say now - and kept going, navigating like mariners, by sextant and compass and dead reckoning.’
    • ‘The big balloon tires had been replaced with authentic 1929 16-inch wheels and high pressure tires.’
    • ‘She was on an old one speed, with balloon tires, coaster brakes, and the trademark oversized chain guard.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the airplane had the slightly oversized balloon tires installed.’
    • ‘Fitted with balloon tires for boondock operation, a Cub becomes the next best thing to a helicopter.’
    • ‘In 1953 he built what he called a ‘Woodsie Bike,’ using a Schwinn World diamond frame, balloon tires, flat handlebars, derailleur gears, and cantilever brakes.’