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  • The sport or pastime of flying in a balloon.

    ‘he took up ballooning in 1907’
    • ‘a ballooning accident’
    • ‘Evans provides an admirable overview of early ballooning and of the first US and Confederate air forces.’
    • ‘The only departure from this order occurs in an appendix on military ballooning during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.’
    • ‘North Carolina was a launching ground for real and imaginary ballooning adventures as early as 1789.’
    • ‘However, many developers and publishers are already getting headaches from the thoughts of ballooning development teams and costs.’
    • ‘When my ballooning trips were going horribly wrong, I got pretty nervous.’
    • ‘I started off with five other colleagues I knew quite well - ballooning is a small tight-knit community.’
    • ‘Asked what the ideal weather conditions for ballooning are, Gerry replied: ‘We need relatively calm weather and no rain.’’
    • ‘I don't know what I would do after going up Everest, I certainly wouldn't want to take up ballooning.’
    • ‘In this high-tech age ballooning is satisfyingly old-fashioned, though it has come a long way since the first balloon attempts of the 18th century.’
    • ‘Apparently some basic rule of physics about hot air rising has the consequence that the best time to go ballooning is a winter morning, when it's really cold.’
    • ‘That's when I began to recognize what a thrilling, yet deeply calming, experience ballooning is.’
    • ‘Mr Noble, who attended Burnley Grammar School, took up ballooning in 1974.’
    • ‘What most appeals to Bob about ballooning is the sense of perspective it offers.’
    • ‘A test drive in a Ferrari or hot-air ballooning are among the suggestions.’
    • ‘But if the idea of white water rafting, paint balling, or hot air ballooning appeals to you, then perhaps you should take a look.’
    • ‘There are now companies dedicated to their organisation, offering activities from hot - air ballooning to health spas, paintballing to makeovers.’
    • ‘Winds are key to ballooning - the skilled pilot uses different wind speeds at different altitudes to move in the desired direction.’
    • ‘There are opportunities for all manner of outdoor activities: riding, canoeing, ballooning, and even diving.’
    • ‘He gave a trophy for long-distance hot-air ballooning in 1906 that started the modern sport (the international Gordon Bennett balloon race still continues).’
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/bəˈlo͞oniNG/ /bəˈlunɪŋ/