Definition of ballsy in English:


adjectiveballsier, ballsiest

  • Determined and courageous.

    ‘she was a cool, ballsy woman’
    • ‘I liked the ballsy women and the gallant men, and their cheap-shot locker-room humour.’
    • ‘I just relished that ballsy attitude, and I found that it helped me own my own masculinity.’
    • ‘We wanted to make a film that was gutsy and ballsy.’
    • ‘I admire your blithe spirit in the face of overwhelming reality, and your ballsy indifference to the same gloom that frequently swamps me.’
    • ‘The last time somebody did something this ballsy it was called Metal Machine Music, and we spent the next 20 years arguing about whether or not it was brilliant.’
    • ‘They were ballsy, gritty, and more simply, a great rock ‘n’ roll band.’
    • ‘Anders replied that as in all artmaking, you have to be ‘insanely ballsy.’’
    • ‘Even the unexpectedly ballsy ending disappoints.’
    • ‘We have discussed it and that's a ballsy move right there.’
    • ‘One of their biggest fans, he says, is an attractive, ballsy, slightly plump female friend who constantly complained that men didn't see her inner beauty.’
    • ‘I thought it was very ballsy to put a dramatic moment between two characters in the midst of a third act that had seemingly spiraled out of control.’
    • ‘And I get to play his once live-in lover and assistant, who's a very ballsy, bawdy Parisian.’
    • ‘If I met a woman my age at a dinner party who was already grey, I'd initially be put off - mainly because I'd think that she might be too ballsy and strong.’
    • ‘It's a ballsy move, demanding a huge effort, especially if tried solo.’
    • ‘I think women are a lot more ballsy, less worried about making a fool of themselves.’
    • ‘I approached with some trepidation, contemplating whether I was feeling ballsy enough to go back in.’
    • ‘That, if you ask me, is intelligent, ballsy politics.’
    • ‘Polished, ballsy, and almost note perfect from start to finish, there is simply no room for criticism on what was a near perfect set.’
    • ‘Though she was the size and shape of a toddler, her personality and grasp of the language was that of a ballsy 35-year-old woman.’
    • ‘A playwright would have to be pretty ballsy to put it in a title.’
    brave, fearless, courageous, valorous, plucky, intrepid, heroic, stout-hearted, lionhearted, manly, manful, bold, daring, audacious, gallant, confident, spirited, stout, undaunted, dauntless, doughty, mettlesome, unalarmed, unflinching, unshrinking, unblenching, unabashed, undismayed