Definition of balsam poplar in English:

balsam poplar

Pronunciation /ˈbôlsəm ˈpäplər/ /ˈbɔlsəm ˈpɑplər/


  • A North American poplar tree which yields balsam.

    Populus balsamifera, family Salicaceae

    ‘Other less-common tree species included black spruce, jack pine, and balsam poplar.’
    • ‘White spruce forest also includes paper birch and balsam poplar.’
    • ‘Forest canopy layer was dominated by trembling aspen and white spruce, but also contained some black spruce and balsam poplar.’
    • ‘For some distance, the highway passed through boreal forest, where white spruce and balsam poplar are the dominant species.’
    • ‘The leaves of balsam poplar are particularly showy when the wind blows, exposing their rust-colored lower surface.’