Definition of bam in English:


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  • Used to imitate the sound of a hard blow or to convey the abruptness of an occurrence.

    ‘he'll have to make a dash for it, and when he does, bam, he's dead’
    • ‘There are so many twists and turns, and every scene you think you know what's going to happen, and it's just like, bam!’
    • ‘And boy, on the night of Doug's birthday, I'm going to throw that under the old man's bunk, and bam, boy, bam!’
    • ‘And then I'm on an early morning phone call with an attorney and, bam!’
    • ‘You just add this sequin tank, some glittery nail polish, gloss and… bam!’
    • ‘Just when nappies were becoming an integral part of my life, bam!’
    • ‘Makes you feel like a million when that smile just… bam!’
    • ‘But on the rare occasion she was here early, and someone else was late… bam!’
    • ‘You settle behind a granite-gray desk, switch off the lights, charge up the computers, and - bam!’
    • ‘They made up just some days ago, or something like that and suddenly, bam!’
    • ‘Every time it appeared the national championship picture was coming into focus - bam!’
    • ‘Someone tattles on them, a human at the search engines gets involved and then - bam!’
    • ‘This kind of feat involves planning to get it right first because after you start - bam!’
    • ‘Then all of a sudden there is this bright flash of colour, like a blur of smudged paint and then, bam!’
    • ‘It went around to another one of those guys and, bam, off the left post.’
    • ‘We like to set the tone, and make it a little disturbing, then bam!’
    • ‘You finally get to grips with one technology and then bam!’
    • ‘We were just talking, probably walking around and bam!’
    • ‘I managed to live almost normally for three weeks, then bam!’
    • ‘I kept my eyes on them, my body tensing, and then suddenly bam!’
    • ‘I'll just be randomly looking around the cafeteria at lunch, and bam!’



/bam/ /bæm/


1920s imitative.