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(also bandana)
  • A large handkerchief, typically having a colorful pattern, worn tied around the head or neck.

    ‘You can tell the regulars: sinewy local men in white shirts with red bandannas at their throats, some wearing red sashes.’
    • ‘For larger sachets, use cotton handkerchiefs or bandanas.’
    • ‘Most of those gathered wore white robes and white bandannas marked with quotes from the Koran about the ‘Holy War.’’
    • ‘Head scarves and bandanas, as well as matted and flamed pieces, have also been done.’
    • ‘Your child may also feel more comfortable wearing hats, bandannas, baseball caps, scarves, or wigs until the hair grows back - which may happen within 3 months after treatment ends.’
    • ‘It was swathed in bone coloured robes, with a bandana, turban and cloth covering the head.’
    • ‘One suspect was 6ft tall, had glasses, a white bandanna, a black scarf and two knives.’
    • ‘He was wearing old, worn out blue trousers, boots of the same make, a blue slashed white shirt, and a bandanna on his head.’
    • ‘My partner (who notices these things more than I do) has warned me that she has seen the return of drop waisted, bubble and frill skirts, bandanas, stirrup bubblegum jeans, and stonewashed denim.’
    • ‘Wear something, such as same color shirts, similar bandanas, or baseball hats, to identify group members.’
    • ‘Red bandanas and shirts were everywhere, with a scatter of white, but everyone had a dark sweatshirt or jacket to slip into if they heard sirens.’
    • ‘A youth with a white bandana across his face and wearing a baseball cap walked into the store and demanded staff fill up a white carrier bag with money.’
    • ‘100% cotton bandanas are the way to go, mainly because cotton is comfortable; it absorbs sweat and breathes better than most other fabrics.’
    • ‘It was the terrain displayed, the same ruined city, that first gave it away, but then he began to see players dressed in assorted street garments with red bandanas.’
    • ‘Clad in red shirts and bandannas, both defendants looked calm upon hearing the verdict.’
    • ‘The bleeding had stopped once he'd shoved his bandanna under the shirt, against the wound.’
    • ‘By daybreak the streets surrounding the site of the former World Trade Centre were bustling with people - many carrying American flags or wearing stars-and-stripes shirts, ties and bandanas.’
    • ‘The must-have accessories were whistles, bandanas, and white anti-poverty wrist-bands.’
    • ‘She was wearing a paisley bell-sleeve shirt and a bandana held back her long hair.’
    • ‘Their cotton bandannas were tied loosely around their necks, Buck's red and Pete's blue.’



/banˈdanə/ /bænˈdænə/


Mid 18th century probably via Portuguese from Hindi.