Definition of bandicoot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbandēˌko͞ot/ /ˈbændiˌkut/

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  • A mainly insectivorous marsupial native to Australia and New Guinea.

    Family Peramelidae: several genera and species. See also "rabbit-eared bandicoot"

    ‘On Terra these include kangaroos, wallabies, bandicoots, opossums, and wombats.’
    • ‘As Gondwana broke up, the link was broken, and the Australasian marsupials evolved in isolation, giving rise to the modern groups of koalas, bandicoots, wombats, and kangaroos.’
    • ‘This marsupial family includes 4 genera and 10 species of bandicoots and bilbies.’
    • ‘Tragically though, sanctuaries like this are becoming the only place to see creatures such as bilbies, bettongs and bandicoots.’
    • ‘Paralysis ticks normally live on native animals such as bandicoots and echidnas.’
    • ‘The diet of bandicoots and bilbies is made up mostly of insects, but they also eat lots of plant material, and sometimes also rodents and lizards.’
    • ‘Most paralysis ticks lodge onto passing indigenous species (possums, bandicoots, kangaroos) that are immune to their toxins.’
    • ‘Bilbies, or rabbit eared bandicoots, are attractive little marsupials with long rabbit-like ears and beautiful silky blue-grey fur and long well furred tails.’
    • ‘The threatened animals include birds such as the ground parrot and eastern quoll and marsupials such as the Eastern barred bandicoot and Tasmanian devil.’
    • ‘Possums and bandicoots were hunted for food and skins.’
    • ‘Pig-footed bandicoots were never common, although the species was rather widespread.’
    • ‘Agile wallabies graze on the lawns and bandicoots scamper across the paths then off into the paperbarks.’
    • ‘The bandicoot family comprised eleven main species within Australia, two of which are now extinct.’
    • ‘It can be found today in just about every mammal, from human to elephant to bandicoot.’
    • ‘With penguins, albatross, falcons, bandicoots and owls about, Mr Ross said the Harbour and foreshores were ‘a great place to work‘.’
    • ‘Some neighbours have indicated that they haven't seen bandicoots in their areas for 20-odd years, and now they're coming back to those areas, so it's very positive signs at this stage.’
    • ‘This area is known for the small bandicoots and all the little animals and the lizards and everything like that, so we'll drag in some old logs and make it a real natural area for animals.’
    • ‘Of course this brought the local bandicoots out of their lairs where they otherwise spend their time to eat roots, shoots and leaves.’
    • ‘For example, levels that take place in cold climates will typically make the bandicoots shiver uncontrollably.’
    • ‘It is eventually retrieved with the help of a lion and a little-known creature called a bandicoot.’


Late 18th century from Telugu pandikokku, literally ‘pig-rat’.