Definition of bandshell in English:



(also band shell)
mainly North American
  • A bandstand in the form of a large concave shell with special acoustic properties.

    ‘One other ‘star’ of the evening was the new bandshell covering the stage of the Hollywood Bowl.’
    • ‘A band was performing Motown songs in a bandshell and hundreds of people were camped out on their folding chairs and beach towels in front of the stage.’
    • ‘The show is at an outdoor bandshell located outside of town in a park with a fake farm; it looks like a toy blown up to life-size.’
    • ‘The first picture is of the bandshell, which was designed by Frank Gehry.’
    • ‘This picture of the bandshell is typical of the sort of modern architecture that bores me dead.’
    • ‘The artist likens it to an amphitheater, a setting more open and less acoustically projective than a typical bandshell, but one that has long accommodated musical and dramatic performances.’
    • ‘Fast-forward to the present, to a site in downtown Miami along the edge of Biscayne Bay, where a building - a bandshell - designed by Stella in 1999, is being constructed.’
    • ‘The bandshell itself, commissioned by Miami-Dade Art in Public Places, is slated for completion in early September.’
    • ‘From these last two works it is only a short step to the composition of the bandshell now going up in downtown Miami.’
    • ‘The show was outdoors, and the ‘stage’ was a tiny little old-fashioned bandshell / gazebo that everybody just kind of stood back from to listen to the various bands.’
    • ‘At the beginning of the film, Ry stands in for an injured ballerina for a performance at Grant Park's new bandshell; during her performance, a violent storm erupts.’
    • ‘As I mentioned when I was there a month ago, there's a new, very expensive and visually-impressive bandshell adorning the Hollywood Bowl.’
    • ‘With Frank Gehry's bandshell adding sparkle and flutter to the city's lakeside skyline, Millennium Park opened in July as a downtown magnet for outdoor public relaxation.’
    • ‘A Greek Orthodox Archbishop spreads incense during a special celebration at New York's Central Park bandshell.’
    • ‘Weather permitting, you can check out architect Frank Gehry's dynamic bandshell at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion.’
    • ‘Visible outdoors is the Frank Gehry-designed bandshell in Chicago's Millennium Park.’



/ˈbandSHel/ /ˈbændʃɛl/