Definition of banjoist in English:



See banjo

‘The son of noted artist George Grosz, Marty is a 74-year-old vocalist, guitarist and banjoist, and these are two feel-good CDs from 1995 and 2000-01, respectively.’
  • ‘Even former band member, banjoist Alison Brown, doesn't get a look in on the track she co-wrote with Krauss, ‘This Sad Song’.’
  • ‘An accomplished fiddler / banjoist / guitarist, he also played a number of instrumentals for the appreciative crowd.’
  • ‘Now, as an aging purist, the memorable sounds of that band, led by banjoist Monte Ballou, still quicken my pulse.’
  • ‘This is an entertaining interactive perspective of the world-class banjoist Cynthia Sayer.’



/ˈbanjəwəst/ /ˈbændʒəwəst/