Definition of bank barn in English:

bank barn


mainly North American
  • A barn built into a hill or other sloped ground.

    ‘Sid and Joey are proud of the family history the farms portray, from the stately Westleigh bank barn to the handmade gate hinges and latches made from iron by a 1930s farmhand.’
    • ‘We have a large ‘Pennsylvania Dutch’ bank barn in the center of our farm complex.’
    • ‘Aullwood's barn is built in the bank barn style used here by German heritage farmers in the 1800's.’
    • ‘The general form of the bank barn remained the same whether it was built into a hillside or not.’
    • ‘The granary is normally constructed above the overshoot of a bank barn to keep it high and dry.’
    • ‘Construction of these large bank barns peaked in Scarborough in the first decade of the twentieth century.’
    • ‘The Mill House became the Mansion Hotel, while the bank barn was known as the hotel stables.’
    • ‘To the rear of the property is a bank barn with stone stabling below, and a barnyard enclosed by a stone wall.’
    • ‘An 1889 Pennsylvania bank barn serves as the main frame for Andy Gieger's home in the making.’
    • ‘Many Pennsylvania bank barns had narrow slits, called loophole windows, for ventilation.’
    • ‘Old bank barns are best suited for low density uses such as a few young calves, and maternity and treatment pens.’
    • ‘This is especially easy to do with what are probably the two most common barn styles in Vermont: the bank barn and the gambrel-roof barn.’
    • ‘It has a 56 foot diameter and is of bank barn design with a lower story of stone and a second, wood framed loft, reached by a ramp embankment built into its north side.’
    • ‘Old fashioned bank barns are to be found all over this part of Ontario.’
    • ‘There is a 129 foot long stone bank barn on the plantation.’
    • ‘Round barns are basically bank barns with an innovative twist: stables that encircle a central silo to save labor in feeding and milking cows.’
    • ‘The Historical Society's goal was to relocate an existing bank barn or to replicate a bank barn typical of Valley barn architecture in the mid-1800s.’
    • ‘The Gheens Barn is an example of a bank barn and provides a unique historical character to the property, said Cappiello.’
    • ‘The restoration of timber frame bank barns is especially satisfying as we at Dutch Masters also appreciate the benefits in preserving these edifices to yesterday's genius.’
    • ‘They are called bank barns because one side of the barn is built into the bank of a hill, allowing wagons to be driven into the upper floor of the barn.’