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bank rate


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  • The rate of discount set by a central bank.

    ‘Two weeks ago, the central bank reduced its bank rate by 25 basis points to 7.50%.’
    • ‘The central bank left its bank rate at 7.50% during the last review on 14 October.’
    • ‘The central bank has reduced its bank rate by 150 basis points and expressed the hope that commercial banks will reduce their interest rates correspondingly.’
    • ‘The central bank this week cut the bank rate from 9.75% to 9.25% effective from 24 September.’
    • ‘He noted that the Bank of Namibia reduced the bank rate during the year and that commercial banks followed suit.’
    • ‘The Reserve Bank of India reduced its policy target, the bank rate, by a quarter-point, to 6.25%, and trimmed its repurchasing rate by the same amount, to 5.5%.’
    • ‘The Bank of Namibia said on Thursday that it has decided to reduce its bank rate by 50 basis points to 7.75% from 8.25% with effect from 12 December.’
    • ‘The bank rate was kept stable at 6 per cent and the GDP growth rate for 2004-05 was projected at 6.5-7 per cent.’
    • ‘If the local bank rate is 0,25% lower than in South Africa, it simply means that money in Namibia is a little bit cheaper than in South Africa.’
    • ‘On July 16, the Bank of Canada hiked its overnight bank rate by a quarter point, to 2.75%.’
    • ‘On July 21, it raised its key bank rate 1 percentage point and its cash reserve requirement by a half point.’
    • ‘Presently, the United States have relatively high interest rates for both the bank rate and the prime rate compared to all other advanced industrialised countries.’
    • ‘There has been no change in the bank rate, the repo rate and the cash reserve ratio.’
    • ‘At present the German economy would benefit if its central bank was able to adjust the German bank rate.’
    • ‘New Zealand has the highest bank rate in the developed world.’
    • ‘In the same month of 1961, the UK bank rate was raised to 7%.’
    • ‘Currently, the US bank rate is at a 41-year low of 1.25 percent.’
    • ‘However, in a climate of rising interest rates, bonds tend to be regarded as less enticing investments as the difference between the bank rate and bond yield narrows.’
    • ‘Just for the record, the bank rate remained unchanged.’
    • ‘The bank rate, which garners much attention as an indicator of the health and direction of the economy, is a compound interest rate.’