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bank statement

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  • A printed record of the balance in a bank account and the amounts that have been paid into it and withdrawn from it, issued periodically to the holder of the account.

    ‘And each year they must furnish a bank statement specifying account transactions.’
    • ‘Some Thai embassies abroad actually want to see a bank statement in baht to issue a visa in the first place.’
    • ‘A bank statement issued here said that banks have disbursed an aggregate loan of Rs 3,904 crores to these SHGs which has availed over 16 million poor families.’
    • ‘A 1991 bank statement shows a balance of £20,133.27 offshore.’
    • ‘When the balance window is displayed, enter the beginning and ending balances from your bank statement and start clearing transactions.’
    • ‘GnuCash can also assist you in reconciling your records against your bank statement.’
    • ‘I only know how to read the balance on the bank statement and don't have any rich relatives.’
    • ‘When questioned about a bank statement boasting a £2.5 million transfer to Cyprus, he maintained he had never seen it before.’
    • ‘It was a relaxed affair; I handed over my passport and a bank statement.’
    • ‘Mrs Smith, 35, a teacher at Haydonleigh Primary School, discovered that money was missing from the account when she examined a monthly bank statement last week.’
    • ‘I've decided to postpone my holiday for a while, for several reasons, the principal one being that I got my bank statement on Saturday and also checked my credit card balance.’
    • ‘The grieving family only discovered that money was missing from the account when Mrs Smith examined a monthly bank statement last month.’
    • ‘You can check it online regularly if you want to be extra vigilant, but you should always review your monthly bank statement and raise questions immediately about any unauthorised debit.’
    • ‘This cannot be done by adding such a clause at the foot of the bank statement, as this document does not evidence the terms of the contract between the parties.’
    • ‘Now for the first time in years I don't have to worry about the bank statement, and it will be a while before I think of even taking out a mortgage again.’
    • ‘It was three days later when Mr Cole checked his bank statement that he discovered money totalling £510 was withdrawn from cashpoints in Boreham, Edgware, Henley and Watford.’
    • ‘Will they ask to see a bank statement or other evidence of my finances?’
    • ‘We sent a joint bank statement and a utility bill as proof of identity.’
    • ‘In respect of the Royal Bank account, Mr. Mpamugo produced the bank statement for the month from June 7, 1999 to July 7, 1999.’
    • ‘However, you should monitor your bank statement and if a similar amount is taken from it, contact your local force as soon as possible.’


bank statement

/baNGk ˈstātmənt/ /bæŋk ˈsteɪtmənt/