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  • A piece of paper money, constituting a central bank's promissory note to pay a stated sum to the bearer on demand.

    ‘is the $1 bill the only banknote with George Washington's picture on it?’
    • ‘Those means cannot be provided by printing banknotes and by credit on the bank books.’
    • ‘Its foremost vehicle in continental Europe is the issue of non-redeemable legal tender banknotes.’
    • ‘It is, therefore, something of a misnomer to speak of the transfer of funds as there is no actual transfer of coins and banknotes from the payer to the payee.’
    • ‘Virtually all of the cash dispensers in the Netherlands were providing euro banknotes by the end of the first day of its entry into circulation.’
    • ‘Her speciality is not art, or banknotes, but celebrities and their most valued asset - their image.’
    • ‘If Robinson Crusoe had been shipwrecked with a chest full of British banknotes, they wouldn't have done him any good.’
    • ‘That was a hijacked shipment of old banknotes on its way to be burned.’
    • ‘Last Post agents were shocked at the news this week that practically all German euro banknotes contain traces of cocaine.’
    • ‘Then passport, watch, banknotes and other valuables are stolen while he sleeps in a Spanish resort.’
    • ‘Within weeks, nearly everyone was using the new banknotes and coins.’
    • ‘The BBC Radio 2 DJ Johnnie Walker, for example, made headlines after a photo taken during an investigation appeared to show him sniffing something through a rolled banknote.’
    • ‘Keynes once observed that a good way to generate work was for the Treasury to bury old banknotes deep under the ground and leave it to private enterprise to dig them up.’
    • ‘Individual merchants and financiers had long issued personal bills of exchange, from which developed the cheque and the banknote - at first for special named customers, then for general use.’
    • ‘In Zimbabwe, the central bank attempted to tackle the shortage of banknotes.’
    • ‘After that date, only the central bank will be buying banknotes of the currencies for leva.’
    • ‘A body search of Prajim revealed 4,320 baht in cash and 150 bogus banknotes.’
    • ‘He kept the state treasure in banknotes in a shoebox beneath his bed, where it was devalued from time to time by the gnawing of rats.’
    • ‘A group called Banknote Watch is promoting the use of machines that stain banknotes during robbery attempts.’
    • ‘In the banknote section we find eight very interesting Thai banknotes to be auctioned.’



/ˈbankˌnōt/ /ˈbænkˌnoʊt/