Definition of barbette in English:



  • 1A fixed armoured housing at the base of a gun turret on a warship or armoured vehicle.

    • ‘The main 76 mm gun was carried in a barbette on the right side of the hull, with a turret above carrying a smaller 37 mm gun.’
    • ‘Dropping down to the seabed, the smaller barbettes and guns could be seen, and huge 13.5in projectiles lay scattered on the sand.’
    • ‘Our picture shows the 76 mm gun barbette on one of the tanks.’
    • ‘Several crews just locked the barbettes in a fixed, rear-firing position.’
    1. 1.1historical A platform on which a gun was placed to fire over a parapet.
      • ‘In the 1890s the “barbette” mounting for coastal-defense guns became the preferred pattern.’
      • ‘The barbette mounted the gun on a pivot so that it could fire over a parapet.’
      • ‘In the interior was a shed for a guard room, and a small magazine under the barbette platform.’


Late 18th century from French, diminutive of barbe ‘beard’ (see barb).