Definition of bargaining chip in English:

bargaining chip


  • A potential concession or other factor which can be used to advantage in negotiations.

    ‘The territory could be used as bargaining chips in any negotiations.’
    • ‘However, rather than engage in hasty strike action SIPTU is expected to use the threat of disruption as a bargaining chip in forthcoming restructuring negotiations.’
    • ‘But a decision to sell off its shopping centre interest would be a major surprise as it gives the council a huge bargaining chip in negotiations over town-centre regeneration.’
    • ‘Myth 5: If New Zealand retains its remaining trade barriers they will be a valuable bargaining chip in future trade negotiations.’
    • ‘However, just after the end of exams, there was a proposal from AUS to withhold your exam marks as a bargaining chip in their negotiations.’
    • ‘Kerry publicly supported Hanoi's position to use our POWs as a bargaining chip in negotiations for a peace agreement.’
    • ‘Instead, SIPTU is expected to use the threat of industrial action as a bargaining chip in negotiations over redundancy deals.’
    • ‘But it has kept its options open as a bargaining chip during port company negotiations over the legislation.’
    • ‘His power to give or withhold consent was not intended to be used as a bargaining counter in a negotiation in which the administrator has regard only to the interests of the unsecured creditors.’
    • ‘If William were taken prisoner, so the reasoning went, he might be used as a bargaining counter in negotiations.’
    • ‘Their actions represent so many bargaining chips in their long-term negotiations for a rearrangement of the existing power structure.’
    • ‘Colgan said he used the two imaginary crew members as bargaining chips in delicate negotiations with the festivals.’
    • ‘Only solid results can serve as bargaining chips in negotiations with the US.’
    • ‘Of course it is also possible, as Guillermoprieto believes, that Pastrana has requested U.S. funds to use as a bargaining chip in peace negotiations.’
    • ‘But now, as some companies use a potential IPO as a bargaining chip in acquisition talks, that discount is disappearing.’
    • ‘To a certain degree, the House provision for tax refunds to corporations was meant as a bargaining chip for negotiations with the Senate.’
    • ‘He and Marlon Byrd make a very good combination, giving Ed Wade a serious bargaining chip in negotiations.’
    • ‘As far as they are concerned, the prisoners are simply a bargaining chip in the negotiations with the government.’
    • ‘They've done that in the past, using salaried concessions as a bargaining chip in talks with the union.’
    • ‘The union stated this week that its intention was to use the strike as a bargaining chip to resume negotiations.’


bargaining chip

/ˈbärɡ(ə)niNG ˌCHip/ /ˈbɑrɡ(ə)nɪŋ ˌtʃɪp/