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  • A person whose job involves preparing and serving different types of coffee.

    ‘The barista was busy serving the long queue of caffeine addicts and chatting about the previous night's antics.’
    • ‘They belly up to the coffee bar and a barista with a padlock through his nose inquires what they want.’
    • ‘How many coffee-chain baristas and sweatshop seamstresses assume that voting for lower taxes will bring them security and prosperity?’
    • ‘His father was a publican (amongst other things) who has run various restaurants in which Nick has taken an active interest, honing his skills as a barista, waiter and short order chef.’
    • ‘She's writing interesting stuff and I LOVE the fact that she overhears some very fascinating conversations in her gig as a coffee barista and shares them on her blog.’
    • ‘I cursed the name of the barista who made my coffee and chastised the cup manufacturer from not making a more efficient system to contain a travelling beverage.’
    • ‘Maybe a big part of your problem is that the only person you talk to during the day is a student barista in a coffee shop.’
    • ‘‘With the coffee bar culture growing in the country, baristas have a major role in bringing awareness about quality coffee among the consuming public,’ is what the organisers feel.’
    • ‘I'm still not sure if this knowledge is a good thing, as all it seems to do is annoy the wait staff and baristas of my local hang outs.’
    • ‘Customers will soon be able to order a cup of ground coffee from an in-house barista.’
    • ‘Australians drink coffee in smaller cups, our baristas tend to swirl the milk a little less, and we have completely different terminology.’
    • ‘Prior to in-store training baristas are schooled in corporate history and the art of coffee tasting and roasting.’
    • ‘Then he skittishly ducked beneath the counter so that when the barista had turned round from the coffee machine she would be greeted with the sight of no-one calling to her.’
    • ‘Would I have known that there was no coffee in my drink if the barista hadn't freely admitted his own mistake?’
    • ‘I went in to get my latte and I guess I must have still been smiling because one of the baristas said, ‘You look happy today.’’
    • ‘Farmers, pickers, processors, importers, shippers, roasters, grocery clerks and baristas on six continents all have a hand in $70 billion of world coffee sales.’
    • ‘Yesterday as I leaned over the counter discussing all this with one of my favorite baristas she said, ‘Is it making you sore?’’
    • ‘As I was getting my latte today I told my baristas about the wild technological ride on which I've traveled these past 48 hours.’
    • ‘So long, hairy-armpitted cute pink-haired tattoo'd baristas of Saturday morning strolls down State Street!’
    • ‘My two favourite morning baristas were both cranky.’



/bəˈristə/ /bəˈrɪstə/


1980s Italian, ‘barman’.