Definition of bark beetle in English:

bark beetle


  • A small wood-boring beetle that tunnels under the bark of trees, which die if heavily infested.

    Family Scolytidae: many genera and species, including the smaller European elm bark beetle (Scolytus multistriatus), which is responsible for the spread of the fungus that causes Dutch elm disease

    ‘The species have decimated pine tree populations in India and are similar to the bark beetle that has ravaged forests in the western United States.’
    • ‘I can imagine an intelligent bark beetle pondering why it is that the oak tree on which it has deposited its eggs is so well suited to their growth.’
    • ‘After several years of drought, which may be related to global warming, pine trees have become vulnerable to the bark beetle.’
    • ‘Well, that's what happens when the spruce bark beetle comes and eats the green off the tree.’
    • ‘Each told us the same thing - we had a forest that was overstocked, filled with ladder fuel and heavy brush, and contained the early stages of a bark beetle and mistletoe infestation.’
    • ‘When Darrel noticed Jody, a practicum student, using a camera, he asked her to take a picture of his spruce bark beetle.’
    • ‘Lastly, we have two scenes in which Norm and Marge half-asleep watch a Nature show about the life cycle of a bark beetle.’
    • ‘The warmer, drier climate has also helped cause massive outbreaks of spruce bark beetle and mountain pine beetle in the northern conifer forests.’
    • ‘Even so, an ongoing drought and millions of acres of dead, bark beetle infected trees have turned much of the west into a potential tinderbox.’
    • ‘The resins flow rate and total production influence the pine tree's ability to physically repel a bark beetle attack.’
    • ‘The number of trees dying is expected to increase as the bark beetle infestation spreads, increasing the possibility of more devastating wildfires.’
    • ‘We saw it coming also, and that's why the federal government provided well over $43 million to help fight the bark beetle infestation.’
    • ‘Large numbers of pinon pines are dying in the pinon-juniper forests of the Southwest due to a bark beetle outbreak triggered by several years of severe drought.’
    • ‘Compounding the problem in the dry Southern California mountains has been the damage caused by a bark beetle infestation that has killed hundreds of thousands of acres of trees.’
    • ‘Even if we had granted all of the money in the world to fight the bark beetle infestation at the time the request came in, that would have done nothing to stop these particular fires.’
    • ‘Bark thickness imparts some level of insulation on host tree phloem and influences bark beetle brood survival during cold periods.’
    • ‘The Lake Tahoe basin lost 30 percent of its pines to bark beetle infestation during the 1986-1994 drought, according to Blomquist.’
    • ‘Sterilization studies allow a more direct, but technically challenging, means to test for effects of microbial associates on bark beetle development and reproduction.’
    • ‘Then come ambrosia beetles and western oak bark beetles by the thousands, flocking to feed, tunnel out galleries, and lay their eggs.’
    • ‘Trap Logs are often used to capture the adults of various wood boring beetles, especially bark beetles.’


bark beetle

/bärk ˈbēdl/ /bɑrk ˈbidl/