Definition of barking deer in English:

barking deer


another term for muntjac
‘The Animal Rights Activists today praised the Hon. Guwahati High Court's order on Mizoram minister's involvement in the killing of a barking deer and consuming its meat.’
  • ‘Only a few days back, a barking deer was chased by a leopard, was ‘rescued ‘by some local people near Forest camp and deposited in the State Zoo.’’
  • ‘Spotted deer, sambar, barking deer, chevrotian (mouse deer), wild pig, gaur, bonnet macaque and langur are the most preferred species.’
  • ‘Some are behemoths in the truest sense of the word, massive as oil tankers, others, small knock-kneed and timorous and as prone to panic attacks as barking deer.’
  • ‘They tested a large number of animals in South China's Guangdong Province, including civet cats, wild rabbits and barking deer, and found coronavirus in four masked palm civets.’
  • ‘Even years into their profession of pointing out the barking deer or the white-necked crane, Bandhavgarh's tourist guides turn into excited little boys at the sight of a tiger.’
  • ‘Throughout the eighties and nineties, when he wasn't doing that, he was poaching protected tigers, bears, elephants, and barking deer.’
  • ‘The Nilgiri Tahr, the wild boar, the barking deer, the Nilgiri Langur, the Lion-tailed Macaque, the tiger, the leopard and the wild dog are found here.’
  • ‘Life begins early in the hills and early next morning we heard a series of barking deer calls from the forests just beyond the fields.’
  • ‘He wakes to find a multitude of moths cover his tent, ‘like delicate hand-block images pressed against the light’; he blunders into a black bear, shy barking deer, troops of rhesus and langur monkeys, and even a leopard.’
  • ‘In addition to moon bears, tigers live in this mountain jungle, as do small, short-haired, tree-climbing sun bears, the strange, fanged barking deer called muntjacs, and civets, wild boars, and cobras.’
  • ‘Rangers said afterwards they believed the animal was a leopard cat, barking deer, wild pig or a stray cow - all indigenous animals in Hong Kong's rural areas, the South China Morning Post reported.’
  • ‘Cambodia was once home to herds of elephants, possibly thousands of tigers, wild cattle, leopards, bears, barking deer and an array of other animals.’
  • ‘There are masked palm civets, bamboo rats, hog nosed badgers, boars, barking deer and giant flying squirrels, as well as cats and dogs.’
  • ‘Game birds and animals (especially mouse deer, barking deer, and sambar) are eaten in rural areas.’
  • ‘The muntjac has a call which sounds like the bark of a dog and accounts for another common name, barking deer.’


barking deer

/bärkiNG dir/ /bɑrkɪŋ dɪr/