Definition of barmily in English:


Pronunciation /-məlē/


informal British

See barmy

‘The CRS, in even more barmily chic outfits, were getting pelted with rocks.’
  • ‘These are Tory Trotskyites who are quite happy that things should get worse, because they barmily think they will then get better.’
  • ‘I'm a total sucker for inspired silliness and non-stop, groan-worthy double entendres and barmily burgeoning plots.’
  • ‘No-one in Hollywood would have dreamed up anything so absurd, yet barmily delightful.’
  • ‘From the barmily romantic ‘Just Like Fred Astaire’ to the anthemic ‘We're Going To Miss You ’, this is indulgent, swaggering and even survives Sinead O'Connor on ‘Vervaceous’.’