Definition of barmy army in English:

barmy army


informal British
  • Supporters of a particular sports team who are known for their vociferous support during matches, especially a group of fans who follow the England cricket team.

    ‘the barmy army added their voice to a very memorable occasion’
    • ‘The bad weather which followed the Tests around doesn't seem to have left South Africa along with the Barmy Army.’
    • ‘Much of the corporate frenzy is being lavished on the bemused core of the Barmy Army.’
    • ‘They call themselves the "beery army" in contrast to the "barmy army".’
    • ‘Were he playing today, the Barmy Army would love him.’
    • ‘We only need to look at the Lions rugby tour or the barmy army in cricket to demonstrate the point.’
    • ‘For once, the Barmy Army's boisterous choristers could struggle to make themselves heard: they might also seem positively sane.’
    • ‘They are making every effort to ensure that the Barmy Army feel at home.’
    • ‘Amazingly, the Barmy Army remained completely silent.’
    • ‘They might not win any cricket matches either but the supporters in the so-called Barmy Army at least know how to sing.’
    • ‘The Barmy Army had already claimed a decisive victory in the first battle, taunting Australian fans with chants of, "You're supposed to be at home."’
    • ‘A group of raucous English fans known as the Barmy Army had already planned to skip that match.’
    • ‘Will the Barmy Army's experience of New Zealand during the Lions' tour encourage Brits to settle here?’
    • ‘I don't know whether your readers know that the Barmy Army originated in Bedfordshire?’
    • ‘For once the Barmy Army are quiet.’
    • ‘What colour do we wear and what colours do the barmy army wear?’
    • ‘The atmosphere in the stands at The Oval has reflected the divide between traditionalists and the Barmy Army.’
    • ‘According to reports, the Barmy Army are due to start arriving in Auckland as of today.’
    • ‘Some may consider the 'Barmy Army' a nuisance, but the 10,000 members are true supporters of the sport.’
    • ‘This was not a barmy army, but a vast array of anxious people.’
    fan, follower, enthusiast, devotee, lover, admirer, zealot, aficionado