Definition of barnacle goose in English:

barnacle goose

Pronunciation /ˈbärnəkəl ɡo͞os/ /ˈbɑrnəkəl ɡus/


  • A goose with a white face and black neck, breeding in the arctic tundra of Greenland and northern Europe.

    Branta leucopsis, family Anatidae

    • ‘Based on genetic similarities, the second group would also include the barnacle goose, a population of distinctive-looking geese that is currently recognized as a species by itself.’
    • ‘For instance, detailed study of the DNA of the barnacle goose has located its origin on a twig of the Canada goose's family tree.’
    • ‘So the barnacle goose and the small Canada geese were more closely related to each other than the small Canada goose was to the large Canada goose.’
    • ‘There is also a small species known as the barnacle goose, arrayed in motley plumage, of whose nesting haunts we have no certain knowledge.’
    • ‘Then came a fascinating sighting of a barnacle goose.’
    • ‘The gardens, nurseries, orchards, walled garden, arboretum, ice house, oyster farm and barnacle goose sanctuary will all, in time, be revived thoroughly.’
    • ‘Later, we take the RIBs to go snorkelling with seals, while the non-divers make a land excursion to see Arctic foxes, reindeer, eider ducks, barnacle geese, pink-footed geese and Brunnich's guillemots on the cliffs.’
    • ‘Like other arctic geese, barnacle geese store fat and nutrient reserves to transport to the breeding grounds, where females invest 40-60% of their body mass during reproductive attempts.’
    • ‘There are a few sheep on it at the moment, black rabbits and about 20 seals, as well as an amazing selection of bird life, including storm petrels and barnacle geese,’ says Deasy.’
    • ‘In addition to thousands of wigeon, together with mallard, teal and shoveler, the selection of birds at Buckenham RSPB reserve often includes bean, white-fronted and barnacle geese.’
    • ‘Along with barnacle geese and choughs, whisky is one of the principal magnets drawing visitors to this hugely rewarding island.’
    • ‘Where once there were acres of grain, there are now acres of barnacle geese; where sheep once grazed, there are widgeon and teal; lapwing and redshanks have replaced the cattle; his new crops are spoonbills, snipe, skylarks and linnets.’
    • ‘I watched beautiful red-throated divers and the wintering barnacle geese transit the abandoned Isle of Innismurray, a few miles offshore.’
    • ‘The use of different mating strategies based on preferred personal qualities of the opposite sex has been reported for wild barnacle geese.’


Mid 18th century see barnacle.


barnacle goose

/ˈbärnəkəl ɡo͞os/ /ˈbɑrnəkəl ɡus/