Definition of barratrous in English:


Pronunciation /-trəs/


See barratry

‘What I saw was an evil, greedy cult attempting to strong-arm (with barratrous lawyers) people into silence.’
  • ‘Moreover, just as we expect SCO's barratrous and libelous behavior to be brought to justice, so should we expect that any criminal perpetrating felonies against SCO should also be treated as such.’
  • ‘The plaintiff and their paid agents deleted and copied from my computers the evidence I need to adequately defend myself against the barratrous assault on my freedom of speech and religion which they themselves have launched.’
  • ‘The smuggling which was the barratrous act, was not the immediate and direct cause of the loss: yet the insured recovered.’
  • ‘Since solicitation of business by chiropractors (even barratrous solicitations) is commercial speech, this court must measure the prohibition imposed by H.B.1327 against the proscriptions of the first amendment.’