Definition of basaltic in English:


Pronunciation /bəˈsôltik/ /bəˈsɔltɪk/


See basalt

  • ‘It is a fault line where a basaltic oceanic plate grinds against a continental plate and dives into the hot core of the earth - a subduction zone.’
  • ‘I thought the barrenness was because of basaltic and granite rocks, and the greenery was due to rich soil after Ghodgaon.’
  • ‘Also of interest in the area is a basaltic column by the sea near Owenga.’
  • ‘To the east was the thin crust of soil that covered the great basaltic flows of the Great Basin.’
  • ‘It consists of a type of basaltic rock favourable to the growth of almond trees.’



/bəˈsôltik/ /bəˈsɔltɪk/