Definition of base exchange in English:

base exchange

(also BX)


  • A store at a naval or air force base selling personal items, clothing, refreshments, etc.

    • ‘Already, a $16-million base exchange, post office and utility backbone are complete.’
    • ‘In the Misawa base exchange, vendors sell floats of all sizes, some for as much as $50.’
    • ‘Matthews bought a bag of more than 200 at the base exchange the next day and ended up passing them all out.’
    • ‘But the only shoppers at the naval base exchange store in San Diego are active or retired military personnel and their families.’
    • ‘Sheila Couzins purchased a red aluminum bracelet in 1985 outside the base exchange at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, while attending technical school.’
    • ‘His only prior experience with the Air Force until Balad was shopping at the base exchange at Offutt Air Force Base.’
    • ‘A new game hit the shelves of base exchanges in December when the Army and Air Force Exchange Service introduced Air Force Edition Monopoly.’
    • ‘In stateside shoppettes, base exchanges and gas stations, store employees don't get the chance to interact with customers on a personal level.’
    • ‘And when Clark is off duty, he contends with long lines at the barber shop waiting for a trim from the base's two part-time barbers, or lines at the base exchange reaching to the back of the store.’
    • ‘After reading this story, I wonder If there will be any changes in the way we do business in our base exchanges and commissaries.’
    • ‘The Kaiserslautern Military Community is shifting its passenger service terminal, billeting, restaurants, theaters and a new base exchange to one central location.’
    • ‘To give the airmen a taste of ‘home,’ there's a post office, Laundromat, small base exchange, gym, library, consolidated club and dining facility on the American side of Ghedi.’
    • ‘Among buildings in full bloom are the new base exchange, fitness center, commissary, a school consolidating kindergarten through high school in one main area, collocated club and four modern dormitories.’
    • ‘Self-service laundry rooms seem to always have an open washer and dryer; there is a base exchange, a movie theater, a library, a cyber-café and a chapel.’
    • ‘And the only place to ‘get away’ is the camp's church, base exchange or work.’
    • ‘They still shop at the commissary and base exchange.’
    • ‘Jannie Gooden and her daughter Monique, 9, shop for school at Camp Foster's base exchange.’
    • ‘Although it was six miles from Keflavik, the site had its own base exchange, commissary, gym, theater and club.’
    • ‘We had taught them how to make pizzas and sent them on sometimes dangerous missions to buy items at the Baghdad markets we couldn't get at the base exchange.’
    • ‘Sometimes this meant making the lunch run, or going to the base exchange for one of the officers.’