Definition of basehead in English:



informal US
  • A habitual abuser of freebase or crack cocaine.

    • ‘Even though we got into altercations with baseheads and security guards and were almost dog food to a pack of wild ghetto dogs, I'd do it all again.’
    • ‘I know a lot of freaks and baseheads want to come see you live.’
    • ‘In plain view too, I ran out with a crowbar hammered it upside his cranium, he fell over dead, but no blood, only dust, he's a basehead.’
    • ‘Since there were, I would say, more baseheads at that time than there were cocaine guys that just sniffed cocaine or guys that shot cocaine, they started making money faster.’



/ˈbāsˌ(h)ed/ /ˈbeɪsˌ(h)ɛd/


1980s from a shortened form of freebase+ -head.