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  • Reluctant to draw attention to oneself; shy.

    ‘don't be bashful about telling folks how you feel’
    • ‘They hope to draw in more bashful youngsters with modern features including up-to-date chart music and videos as well as animation.’
    • ‘I noticed a flush on Angie's cheek as Christopher smiled, bashful but reserved.’
    • ‘The staff are very approachable and we let more bashful people wander around to avoid embarrassment unless they ask us.’
    • ‘He's not at all bashful about photographing us older folks, either.’
    • ‘Emy, always modest and bashful, had blushed and refused to let him draw her, claiming that it embarrassed her to have him watching her so intently.’
    • ‘‘We do discuss it among ourselves, not just at school,’ Ian, from Cleckheaton, told me in a bashful tone.’
    • ‘He's also not bashful about experimenting with them while recording, which makes for some pretty funny gaffes.’
    • ‘Once there, her life begins, from crawling to walking, through playful child, bashful teenager, lover and mother, into old age.’
    • ‘I told him I thought he looked pretty good considering, but he was bashful and said he thought he looked pretty bad.’
    • ‘The popular children's story is about an affectionate, sometimes bashful pig named Wilbur who befriends a spider named Charlotte.’
    • ‘Collina's famously piercing gaze uncharacteristically drops away, almost bashful at being reminded of the compliment.’
    • ‘Private lessons are also available for you bashful dancers at $30 per class.’
    • ‘People genuinely do seem bashful about pressing the ‘call flight attendant’ button.’
    • ‘But Mr Desmond is not known for being particularly image-conscious or bashful.’
    • ‘But the bashful hero politely declined before going back to base.’
    • ‘School sports are not for the bashful, and privacy expectations are limited.’
    • ‘Don't be bashful guys, I put the board there for all of us so don't wait for me.’
    • ‘If you go and you're kind of acting bashful and you don't belong, I think people can spot that on you.’
    • ‘Barbara was a very, very gentle person, but she was not bashful about expressing her point of view.’
    • ‘I will always remember the look of bashful happiness on Arthur's face as people in the audience constantly called out his name.’
    shy, reserved, diffident, retiring, self-conscious, coy, demure, reticent, reluctant, shrinking, timid, timorous, meek
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/ˈbaSHf(ə)l/ /ˈbæʃf(ə)l/


Late 15th century from obsolete bash ‘make or become abashed’ (from abash) + -ful.