Definition of basilican in English:



See basilica

‘The religious structure, which from initial inspection measures about 15 meters [49.2 feet] wide, follows a basilican plan with no transept, a marble flooring, and a very beautiful mosaic.’
  • ‘Paired with the Labors of Adam and Eve in the British Library and Huntington Library Speculum books is an image of Noah's ark, a bargelike vessel with a basilican superstructure beneath a dove with outstretched wings.’
  • ‘The building is basilican in plan with service spaces and exhibit spaces on either side of a central circulation spine.’
  • ‘In 1989 the remains of a basilican drill and exercise hall was discovered, so far unique among the auxiliary forts of the Roman Empire.’
  • ‘There were thirty-one basilican churches in Rome alone.’



/bəˈsilək(ə)n/ /bəˈsɪlək(ə)n/