Definition of basinet in English:



(also bascinet)
  • A medieval helmet of light steel, fitting close to the wearer's head and typically having a visor.

    ‘The great helm persisted but was giving way to the head-hugging bascinet, which sometimes had a visor.’
    • ‘He wore a helmet of the kind that is called a basinet, with eye slits, and chain armour.’
    • ‘As an additional head protection, but occasionally worn alone beneath the mail coif, a metal skullcap called a basinet was developed.’
    • ‘Often a light basinet was worn underneath it - or rather the knight usually wore his basinet and only put the heaume on over it at the last moment before engaging.’
    • ‘He showed me a large and very rusty helmet, which he informed me was a basinet, a typical type of open-faced helmet with a conical or globular skull.’



/ˌbasəˈnet/ /ˌbæsəˈnɛt/


Middle English from Old French bacinet ‘little basin’.